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Floral wall art idea for fresh bedrooms

The bedroom; one of the most sacred rooms of the house and one of the rooms where we spend the most time.  It can also be one of the few room where you can design and decorate it to meet your particular tastes, and not have to worry what others think, as they’ll never see it.  For couples, there needs to be a balance, a juggling act, sacrificing personal extremes and coming to an agreement on a design that works for both.

Extravagant and colorful floral wall art is fresh.  There is something refreshing about the beauty of natural flowers (without wanting to sound too flowery).  If you are a person who appreciates the intricacies and facinations of living world, a large wall painting or print could add that inspirational edge which your bedroom has lacked.  Our personal preference is a professionally hand painted piece, however this comes at a price.  Large prints are an acceptable alternative; so long as what you choose give you an extra bounce in your spirit when you look at it.

The beautiful dandelion example or orchid it is more than a nice looking picture; and this is what to aim for within this trend, which is popular one for 2014.