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4 Interior Design Trends that will remain in 2015


When we speak about trends, we have to make an analyze of the 2014 year and see what trends will remain in 2015 year.


1. The COLOR

We can definitely say that the most important trend in 2015 will be the COLOR, as in 2014 we had a splash of different colors this year the color remains an important element of the interior design. As, this year we can speak of a special color named MARSALA, which is considered the color of 2015. Marsala is a warm color, but in the same time is a rich and seductive shade. 


The popularity of the wood grew bigger in 2014 and still remains in trend for the 2015 year. But, this year we won’t use the dark colored wood, but the light one. As the light wood makes the room look bigger and warmer.


Marble in interior design still looks good in the kitchen, on walls and floors. 


Floral patterns look chick this year too. Even if this color can be combined with some modern elements, the floral patterns will look good in your interior design.