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Design of Glass Ornaments

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Glass is always present inside the housing. Best option for windows and showcases, glass can come in the form of beautiful decorations, as example: glasses, paintings, dishes, bowls, vases, so on. Small glass decorations can be easily placed around the house, such in the form of some points of attractions, or just to highlight the style of a room. 


Painting and decoration of the glass is an old custom. Glass decoration seduces with its vivid and bright colors and the effects of transparency with which you can play. Painting on glass can be done by several techniques: by being painted in one color, either as you dare to combine colors, or as you can draw outlines with gold, silver or black which then can be colored with various shades.

Design glass ornaments is varied, you can apply on it different floral, vertical lines, horizontal lines, so on, all are welcome. 

If you decided to decorate some dishes it would be better to use a dye used for food industry. Here are some colors and their meaning, which you can use to decorate glass:

- Red - is a warm color, a dominant one that always seeks attention. It is a spiritual color and pretty intense. In general, red color is a shade expressing vitality.

- Orange - is an energetically color, most often associated with solar image, summer and early winter. It is an active color that reacts pleasurable combining with two joined colors: red and yellow. For sure it attracts our attention in elegant and delicate way. 

- Green - best associated to the feeling of serenity and peace. It is a color that inspires beginning. It can be associated very well with red and blue.

- Blue - blue is encountered from the lightest to the darkest shades. It is a universally accepted color which represents water and sky. Blue inspires calm, harmony, intelligence, strength.

- Yellow - is a strong and emotional color. Yellow needs contrast to be highlighted. These and as well as other colors can be used, you can decorate glass and glass objects so that they easily are associated with the room. In addition, these decorations will provide an atmosphere of elegance and comfort.